Why Dynotech?

We have what your business needs!

With more than 40 years of experience, DYNOTECH has the latest technology to provide the best equipment. We are a company that strives for excellence at all times, a leader in the development and manufacture of computerized products and tools for improvement and performance. We have the advantage of having worked for twenty-six (26) years in the development of high-end racing engines in major categories such as Formula 1, Formula 3, STOCK CAR, among others. In this way, we know exactly which items are important and which we need to measure in order to determine assembly errors or failures in standard or modified engine development calculations.

The differences in relation to other equipment are our excellence in obtaining a complete diagnosis in the execution of the tests, thus obtaining individual data, such as: maximum and average power in the engine (please note: the importance of the average power), in the box transmission, wheel and losses, very important to detect any anomaly in their performance.

Our software has specific sensors to determine weight, alignment, balancing and transmission that noticeably affect the performance of the unit thus producing significant losses, which we must be aware of not to exchange parts erroneously. We have a complete software in which the client has the option to choose up to 5 different languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French) with a single click. Our products are present all over the world!

Our diagnostics and management devices, along with our customized services, provide capabilities to maximize your performance and increase efficiency in your measurements, all our equipment is homologated and has a five (5) year warranty.

Our philosophy is to seek a lasting partnership with our customers, based on a good understanding and a professionalism based on dialogues and exchanges of information to achieve the needs of each of them, the development department is in constant dialogue with the automakers to be always a step further in the automotive units of future generations.

We offer you not only an equipment that provides you with a power and torque result in the wheel like those found in the market today, but a complete MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT CENTER of your vehicle.
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Cutting edge technology

High precision

Unique in Brazil

Real-time measurement

Present in over 20 countries

Specialized assistance

40 years of experience

Special cooling system


Experience in major categories

Complete diagnosis

Own Financing

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We also offer the option of leasing our equipment with a determined term, mainly for our customers who wish to use our centers of measurements in events, races or even as test, in order to verify viability in the acquisition of them.
The dynamometers for rental have exactly all the functionalities and sensors present in the equipment for sale. During the lease time you will have access to all software updates and technical assistance for free.

6-month contract;
12 month contract.

It can be renewed if it is in the customer's interest. During the rental period the equipment will be automatically insured for any malfunction or defect.





Solutions and Warranty

For the best convenience and comfort of our customers, we at DYNOTECH promise to provide:

Complete installation of equipment on site combined;

Complete training to use our equipment at the installation site;

24-hour specialized technical assistance for as long as necessary;

Complete software update where available and / or required.

And you know what's best of all this? No cost to our partners. That's right ... for free !!

As if all this were not enough, we guarantee in writing that any equipment that leaves our factory will automatically have a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.